Largest Temperature

Not calm, not collected.

I’m not feeling myself right now – I feel, and I look, tired. I can’t seem to grasp the routine that I am usually in – it’s hard to go … Continue reading

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I am tired of talking about acne, I am. But unless I see that there’s a difference in how some people treat me because I have my acne, I can’t … Continue reading

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I remember 2017 was a difficult year for many of us. For me, it wasn’t “the worst year of my life”, but it brought along many changes and challenges. I often … Continue reading

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A couple of days ago, I was kind of/definitely bothered by something that a friend of mine has said to me and I’ve been burdened by it ever since – … Continue reading

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About me turning 20 years old and the music that I listen to.

I’m turning 20 years old in a couple of days and I’ve had a sudden realization how not many things in my life are concrete. I’ve taken the longest time … Continue reading

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Isn’t it amazing how I always say I’m going to write more and then I disappear for at least a month? I’m so unpredictable, it’s almost funny. Well … In … Continue reading

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It’s important to have support from your loved ones.

I feel as though I’ve heard a lot of times that being confident and self reassured is something that everyone should want to achieve in life. While I agree with … Continue reading

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