Largest Temperature


In the previous post, I was writing about how I am prone to quit things and connected this to my childhood. It got me thinking that I should be writing … Continue reading

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Being the second child in the family has a lot of pros – the fact that I have an older sibling who looks out for me, shares life lessons with … Continue reading

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I think these modern times are very tricky when it comes to the conversation about mental health. There is simultaneously a lot and none of awareness about it and the … Continue reading

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Weight is an important topic for everybody – males and females, but although we both face criticism, I feel like the process of a woman’s body change through years is … Continue reading

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Anybody in your life has the power to hurt you, make you uncomfortable, be it a loved one or a stranger, and be it with words or actions. It is … Continue reading

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Words of loss.

DAY 1 – HOW ARE YOU? When a loved one dies, you find yourself at the receiving end of the “how are you?” question. It’s a tricky one. Obviously the … Continue reading

March 20, 2019

Norwegian Wood.

I did something new on this blog this year – I said I’ve never written a review of a book in my free time before and then I wrote something … Continue reading

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