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Problem number 1: Anger

I realize that there exist a lot of people who somehow live in anger. They are angry on themselves and nobody can realize if they are as angry or even angrier on the rest of the world. When we teach ourselves to constantly ignore our problems, it’s when we mostly stop understanding how to deal with our anger. As I’ve managed to notice, this is mostly a problem with teenagers.

Issues pile up – instead of taking the harder way and trying to deal with an issue, we push it away. And we push it away like we pushed a couple of issues before. You know what happens to a wardrobe – for an example. We throw clothes in it but it gets full easier if we don’t tidy it every now and then.
It’s the same with the room of our emotions.

Not letting a problem rule your life is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t deal with it at all. I think none of us understand just how much worse we could have it. If you have a parent that can give you love, security, trust, that’s more or less everything that a human needs. Sure, there is also money, home and so much more, but we (as teenagers) normally don’t have to solve those kind of problems. That’s why our parents are for – to keep us safe from the unimportance of some things and simply take care of us.

But … There is more. Even if we don’t have to deal with financial and other problems. There is school, people that throw us away on a daily basis, low self esteem, fear of not being who we want to be, stress, etc. The concept of happiness used to be much easier in the past – maybe because people weren’t as spoiled as we are or maybe fear was the one that kept them from saying wrong things and therefore triggering anxiety. Whatever it was, anger wasn’t such a common issue.
Now, on the other hand … We see people who close themselves up from those they should trust the most. And how do you come out of that?

I did. I used to have so much anger in myself and I still do from time to time. But I got happier. How? Looking at it now, I am not sure myself. But I think I can try to help get people out of it. It’s a process. But it’s not impossible.

You have to start by taking slow steps. Deal with an issue by an issue. Teach yourself to trust and love yourself. Give yourself compliments, smile when you don’t want to smile. Think twice before you say something in anger. Breathe.
Find people you can trust and talk to them about things that are bothering you. If there is nobody you could trust, write a diary. You can always trust yourself.
Stay strong and take in your life. You can cope with things. That’s why you are here.


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