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Lesson number 1: Take in your joy.

I’ve started talking about a problem just yesterday – anger.
It’s not easy to end a discussion in 400 words. To truly talk about something, I need to dig deeper.

I learned something important: hate normally piles up in us when we think there is nothing that can make us love.

Here is an example. People grieve differently when they lose someone they love. After all … What are you supposed to feel when someone you love dies?  We are different as people and we respond to situations in interesting ways. Some may cry, others will smile, third ones will focus onto their anger and ask “why not me?”

And yes, that’s the other discussion. But I wanted to point out just how easy it is to transfer our happiness into something very negative and black.
Imagine living a normal and happy life. Suddenly you are exposed to sadness, grief, anger.
It’s incredibly easy for us to change emotions from something very positive to something incredibly negative.
A life tragedy isn’t even necessary. 

Sometimes all that it takes is a provoking talk that we had with a friend. When you get used to being exposed to the negativity, anything can take you off the edge. I know it myself. It takes such a long time to build some kind of positivity in yourself and it can still be taken down so many times on so many different ways.
So what are we going to do about that?

We can’t be stressed. We can’t fight in the middle of the day, looking down, feeling like trash. We definitely can’t go home and feel sorry for ourselves for the rest of the day.
We all have a job to do here – we need to take care of ourselves. We need to be strong and confident enough to be able to help our own selves.
Where do you start with that?
Before you get angry, try taking in simple breaths. Air will make you think twice.
Then find something that brings you joy. It can be anything at all. It can be art, books, or simple – couple of jokes. The thing that helps me calm down the most is music. Sometimes, after taking my breaths, I still feel like I should make a strike.
But instead, I sing a song in my head. I remind myself just how happy I am and how other people don’t deserve to see my anger.

When something makes you angry, don’t yell. Don’t be hateful. The world is full of hate already.
Be something better – be your own idol. As long as you are full of love, there will be no time for hate.

See my point? Don’t do what people who are grieving do – turn your happiness into sadness. Do the opposite thing instead! Turn your sadness into happiness.
Also … Joy is smiling as well. Just smile and you will feel better by the second.


3 comments on “Lesson number 1: Take in your joy.

  1. A Journey With You
    March 31, 2015

    Love is a terrific solution to almost every problem.

    Liked by 1 person

    • largesttamara
      March 31, 2015

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s incredibly surprising as just how strong love can be.


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