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Lesson number 2: Act toward people the way you want them to act toward you.

My first topic on this blog is anger and I already gave out a solution number one which was to take in your joy.
Now I am going forward and bringing in today’s lesson on how to control your anger and be more positive. It’s important that you act toward other people just about the same way that you want them to act toward you.
At first this just sounds like something that our parents kept saying. It’s an “old lecture”. But when we suddenly get older, we start to see a deeper meaning.

A lot of times, the reason for your anger is something that you could have not predicted or controlled.
A friend can make you angry by something irrational they said. Or you get mad by a teacher that didn’t give you a better grade and decided to expose you infront of the whole class for your bad working habits.
It can be anything other as well. When you get exposed to the anger so often, anything can drive you off the edge.

So … Why is this rule so important?

Do you ever get a feeling that you yourself might do some annoying things? Like … Tease a friend about something they said? Correct someone when they are talking? Started a fight because “you want to be right”?
I’m sure you have. It’s probably nobody’s wish to anyhow upset their friends, family or other acquaintance. But we do. It’s a normal thing. Sometimes a little chit chat drives us off the edge or it drives them off the edge.
We can’t control our words 24/7 and therefore we (sometimes) end up saying things we wouldn’t want to.

That’s not such a bad thing. We all do mistakes. Every issue isn’t a mistake even. But there’s a reason why you should try to control yourself about things that you can control. What counts here? Your comments, your exposing of somebody’s mistakes, joking and teasing on someone’s behalf. If you wouldn’t want someone to do the same thing to you, don’t do it to them.

It’s way different when you expose something in a private situation. When you humiliate someone in public? That’s not cool. Not cool at all.

Remember how you get angry because of unimportant things? Remember how things bother you? Don’t cheer on the negativity then. Treat people nicely and I am sure they will realize that putting you in uncomfortable situations that trigger your anger is very much unneeded.


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