Largest Temperature

Lesson number 3: Look at the world in all of its beauty.

I’m still writing solutions about how to overcome your anger.
The lesson number 3 would be to look at the world in all of its beauty. Our life is full of so many obstacles. Each and every one of them is able to teach us a lesson. Sometimes it hurts and we end up being sad, mad and everything else. But it’s always worth of something greater.

However, it is indeed hard to get out of the tunnel and reach out for the light. No matter what it is that is making us learn a lesson, we have to be patient. We have to hold onto dear life and make steps to something better and more positive. If we only stand and complain about our life, we never get anywhere.
Complaining is such a big part of our life. We’ve all known negativity from different sources: friends, outer world, our family. I think we can all agree it is way easier to search for negativity than positivity.

We must not take the easier path. Being negative never gets us anywhere in life. It makes us miss the best chances we’ve had, best people we could have met and at the end we slowly learn to lose our mind. Is life perfect? Oh, how I wish it was. And yet … That still doesn’t mean that waking up needs to be painful for you. You don’t have to search your way in negativity in order to survive.

Exactly the opposite – you should find the beauty in everything and be positive instead. When something bad happens – it’s a lesson. When something beautiful doesn’t … It means something different is waiting for you. Maybe just as pretty as the first opportunity. We can’t get everything, but we also can’t lose everything.
I believe that with the right approach, we can achieve it all. We can be whoever we want to be. And this is one hell of a wrong approach: accepting your failure and putting your hands up in the name of defeat.

Is life perfect? No.
It doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful though. We just have to look better and dig deeper to find our happiness. Once when you find positivity, there will be no space for the negativity. And with that … There will be no space for your anger either.


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