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Problem number 1: Anger – Lesson number 5: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


After realizing that you do have a problem with anger, you can make a huge step forward by just asking people for help. You don’t necessary have to find a therapist or someone whose profession is helping people out. You can also talk to your friends and your family. And here’s even more. I think that the reason why a therapist can help us out more than (sometimes) our loved ones can is that they are strangers. Strangers don’t judge or preache. They listen through everything you have to say and then comment with their purest intentions. Saying with my personal experience, I actually recommend you to find people online and talk to them about your anger.

OF COURSE, be careful. Try not to expose yourself and always be safe.  With internet being so developed, we can find and meet all kind of people. It’s on us how we take advantage of that. With couple of tags we can find anything and anybody almost anywhere. I definitely recommend sites like Tumblr, and Omegle. Be prepared that not everyone want to share their stories with you and not everybody will be ready to listen you through. But, to me … I’ve managed to read so many stories and with helping them out, I’ve helped myself without even knowing.

Do not fall into the circle of internet, though. Real life relationships are way more important. People who are close to you deserve to know how you are doing. They deserve to know more about you. Real friends and your family will always care. Even if it doesn’t feel like that from time to time. If it comes down to it, don’t be embarassed to talk to a therapist. You are not mentally sick. But don’t be so proud. If there is somebody that can help you with your issue, you have to do everything you can to save yourself from collapsing.

Talking about issues is not anyhow weak. If anything, you are being strong for not ignoring a problem and trying to find a sollution for it.


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