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Problem number 1: Anger – Lesson number 7: Find a hobby you love.

Being exposed to the negativity definitely takes it out on you. Anybody can start feeling angry, sad, frustrated and nervous out of nowhere. Anything at all can give you a feeling of negativity: friends, environment, family, your own dissatisfaction.

That’s why you have to aim for something greater. Finding a hobby that makes you happy can be a huge step toward positivity.
When you find something that makes you happy, you will spend more time working on that hobby than thinking about things that make you unhappy.

I’ve noticed how I start thinking about situations that hurt me exactly when I have nothing else to do. When I’m travelling home in a bus, I start thinking about everything that bothers me and makes me feel unappreciated.
On the other hand … When I’m in school or at home, listening to music/working on some new literature, I feel energized.

Suddenly, there is no room for anger. All I feel is motivation and happiness.

You have to aim for something that will push out the anger. Singing, drawing, writing, reading … There’s so much you can do. At the end of the day, if the problem is the lack of motivation, you can still just go for a walk or take a shower.

Once again I have to say that ignoring your problems is never good. But giving yourself peace … Giving yourself a chance to be free and happy … That’s something we all deserve.

Don’t push away your feelings, but remember that not only anger should be present in your life. Of course, we all get angry. But there also exist many other emotions: happiness, safeness. Being comfortable in your skin means being able to feel something else than just unexplained anger.

And you deserve to try anyway.

(Remember you can communicate with me in the comments below about anything at all. If there’s something that bothers you, feel free to talk to me about it. I’d feel more than willing to write a column about your problem and try to find a sollution.)


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