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Something that bothers me: How I give false hope.

When you struggle with anxiety, you tend to notice a lot of things. Everything that people say can have a big impact on you and everything that you do can hurt you even more deeply.

Having a lack of confidence brings you to a point where you have to overthink every little step.
And anything you do might be considered as a mistake.
It’s a good thing that I learn from my mistakes. I can accept them, change them and do something toward a better story.

I dislike this one thing about myself: I tend to give false hope often.
I am too weak to simply say “no”. I am too scared of amitting that there might exist something that makes me uncomfortable.
I am an interesting human being, though. I am shy, but brave at the same time.
I might be a person that often gives false hope, because I simply can’t force myself to do differently, but I also fight for my life. I fight for my rights and often … My big tongue brings me trouble.

But to keep myself safe, I give promises I cannot keep. I say things I do not believe in.
Sometimes, I feel like a liar. A lot of times, I know I am trying to be a fighter.
But I know one thing: I know how hurtful it is be the person that receives false hope.

To keep this a little shorter than firstly intended … Don’t be the person that struggles with the lack of confidence. Always be sure you say things you believe in. There is this one quote: the power is not in the volume of the voice, but in the quality.
To be a fighter, I have to start believing in myself. I have to say things I believe in.

Giving false hope is a disappointment to yourself and to people you are talking to. Your friends and your family need to feel secure with you. And even more important: you have to feel secure with yourself.
When you find that power, that quality in your voice … I believe you can stop struggling with confidence and with saying things you don’t want to say.

We have to control our mind and think twice.
That’s what I am going to try to do, anyway.
I can’t just blurt out the first thing that comes to my mind. I have to think situations through and fight to speak with good power.


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