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Something bad: judging people.

In school, you manage to hear a lot of things. Brilliant, funny or stupid. I have a school mate that is properly ditching school. I’m not sure she was in school even for a half of year. She is one year older than the rest of us, she doesn’t come to school for tests and nobody really knows what is her deal. She acts like she doesn’t care much about her education and I honestly can’t blame her for it. Everybody has to decide on their own.

But … Today, we learned she got some kind of an agreement to have special additions. Because of her health, she doesn’t have to come to school often, but it doesn’t count as ditching class.

As judgmental as our class is, a lot of comments flew out. Some were angry, others thought she is not capable of getting everything done that she missed on.
It made me think about something special. And it’s this: Who are we to judge on her? Who are we to say what is she capable or not capable of? None of us made friends with her, nobody knows about her past and we sure as hell have no idea what are her health issues about.

I know I wouldn’t want to be in the skin of this girl. If I was the one ditching school, I would probably do it for a reason. Maybe she doesn’t feel safe in school. Maybe she hates this environment. But whatever it is that is going on in her head, we have to leave her alone to do what she wants to do and be whoever she is.

We hear all kind of stuff and we just believe anything. The human’s problem is that we are naive. The world isn’t such a safe place, we will be a part of a lot of lies.
At the end of the day, it’s important that we know to make our own opinion about things. And sometimes, we have to not think at all. Because … It really isn’t our business.
My classmates should stop focusing on her problems and start thinking about their owns.

I used to be a person that held a lof of secrets. I was unhappy and I felt unsafe in a lot of places. I know I wouldn’t want anyone to judge me back then for who I was. A lot of times, you can’t really control your mind. You can work to be a better person and I did become one, I honestly think so. But back then … I am not proud of who I was. I was negative, angry and sad. And nothing good comes out of that.

If she is sad, hurt, unsafe, whatever … She needs to overcome it by her own. None of us is in a good place to tell her what to do. I know some of us will be there for her, even if we aren’t her friends. I know I would help anyone in a heartbeat if they exposed themselves. But there is only as much as we can do when they hold in.

The best thing to do is give them space. Especially with people that aren’t our business.


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