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Picking a fight/Having an opinion

I often realize people have problems seperating the term “picking a fight” and “having an opinion”. There’s a thin line between one and another just as there is a thin line between caring and being rude, hate and love.

However, it is important that we can seperate them. We respond to emotions differently. When we sense love, we tend to be kinder. When we sense a threat, we respond rudely.

Sometimes another person will try to help us out with their opinion. It’s because they love us and care about us. But at that moment when we sense a threat, even if that isn’t one, we will respond rudely. We will ask them to mind their business. We will beg them to leave us alone. We will scream at them and accuse them of picking a fight with us. And all they wanted to do is help.

It’s a democratic world. People have the right to have an opinion. Even when it’s best to not have one, some humans will stick with their mind. They will tell you what they want to tell you, even if you don’t want to listen.
Sometimes we are so caught up in being angry at the world, that we simply do not understand some people only want to make us safe.
Their opinion is not a threat to us. If you find a way to take things in calmly, you can get pass their opinion. Especially when you do not agree with them.

We can’t agree with each other all the time. Friends, family and even strangers can pick up a fight. A lot of times it’s not because they would want to be a threat to you. It is because you accepted their opinion as a threat.
Don’t be a bully to yourself and to people who are around you. Even if you tend to disagree often, it is important that your voice stays calm and steady.

When you respond badly to an opinion, all you do is pile up stress. It is your life. At the end of the day you can do whatever you want to do and not many can stop you at it.
That is exactly the reason why not being respectful is a wrong choice.
Saying “leave me alone” or “mind your own business” is selfish. Your problems are your family’s and your friends’ business just as their problems are often yours.
They have a right to be cocerned about you and you have the duty to hear them out even if you do not agree with them.

Stop defending yourself and sensing threats when there are none.


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