Largest Temperature

There’s this something about making friends and enemies.

tumblr_nk7jy0QJEB1r4q6too1_540What happened just the other day made me think of this one very simple thing: I do not want to hate and I do not want to be hated.

What do I mean with that?
In life, we will meet a lot of people. Some of them will be our friends, others will feel like they’ve become family. We’ll also meet people that will seem to threaten us, the people we will not care about and not love. Not every person we meet will be right for us. We won’t like everyone and not everyone will like who we are.
So, having people around me, even at such a young age, that do not support or like me, isn’t an issue to me at all. I am my own person. I struggle for myself and my loved ones. I will not try to succeed to win over anybody who isn’t worth of.

But … That doesn’t mean I have to be a hateful person.
Even if I do not want to accept everyone that I meet and if they don’t want to accept me, it doesn’t mean we can’t live in peace and somewhat understanding.

I’ve seen so much hate all around myself. I’ve been exposed to negativity in elementary school the most. People weren’t opened up for something different than what they already knew.
You were either a person, shaped by their expectations or you simply didn’t matter.
I’ve been a rebel since I can remember. I couldn’t accept myself as being something so little. I wanted to like myself before anybody else liked me. So, maybe I haven’t made a lot of friends back then. A lot of … Relationships with people who would feel like family. There comes time where you have to be yourself and fight on your own.

But now I know that I can love myself and not hate them. I cannot blame them for who they are, just as much as they shouldn’t blame me for who I am. If they learned to be hateful, so be it. I cannot prevent them to know what they know.
I can do this one thing: mind my own business and smile along the way.

Just the other day, I visited my friend on her work. I ended mine at that time already.
With her, there were two other people. People that haven’t been exactly fond of myself and neither have I been fond of them. But you know what? In that moment, we all sat down and we talked. We talked and we laughed and … Just for a moment, our rivalry didn’t matter. It wasn’t relevant at all, to be honest.
It was like we were four friends who were exchanging their stories and simply enjoying that moment. It felt good.

In a way, that enlightened me. It made me realize that I don’t have to make friends all the time, but I can still be myself. I can be kind hearted, positive, funny and happy. If I try hard enough, eventually – they will step toward me with an easier and better energy. They might not love me for who I am, but they can accept me. Just like I can accept them.


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