Largest Temperature

Have hope in yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I often underestimate myself. For quite a long time I have believed I had no talents. I’ve been trying to put myself down in the past. Telling myself I was nothing special. And then it hit me … I need to have hope in myself.

I realized eventually that I wasn’t just so simple. I discovered things I am good at: languages, speaking publicly, writing and even singing a bit. I embraced those talents and let myself be proud about who I am becoming.

I don’t know quite yet what am I going to do in my life. The path can take me anywhere, but I shouldn’t struggle with discovering things I may not be certain about. I know I will push myself everyday to achieve the unachievable. Every day I have to push boundaries. Because if I don’t, one day, when I look back at my life, I am going to regret not having faith in myself.

People achieve the unachievable every day. They publish good books, write catchy songs, win Grammys when they only dreamed about it couple of years back. So I am taking this one step. I am allowing myself to dream. I am allowing myself to embrace my gifts. I think you should all do the same.

I believe everyone was sent on here for a reason. However, it’s up to us how we end up living our life.

For some of us it’s written in our veins to be inspirational writers, others are going to win dancing cometitions, third ones will end up saving the world with being doctors, lawyers and god knows what else. Fourth ones will be people who will find their soul mates, build up a family and give other hopeless cases a chance to believe in love.
(Of course! Even if you pursue a career, you can build a family.)

Whether you want to have a successful career or whether your wish is to find somebody that completes you and have a beautiful family, you should always have hope in yourself. There is nothing in this world you couldn’t achieve. Even people who were cut off from the technology and modern world became public figures, activists, etc. But they fought. They never gave up. And they always, always had faith in themselves.

I may not end up being a writer, somebody who inspires others, a humanitary person. But I know I will always and forever fight to at least come near to such a title.

What is your dream?
Whatever it is, I believe you can do it.
Now … You have to believe.


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