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Tough Post: Why we need feminism – because 16 years old girls feel threatened.

The other day I met up with two of my friends and we were just chatting when something kind of pulled our attention to start speaking about feminism. They decided to share a story with me about a situation that happened to them couple of minutes ago.

So, my two gorgeous friends were just walking their way to a bus station, when a guy around 20 years old shouted at them “oh, the things I would love to do to you girls!” (It was actually even a more vulgar sentence, but I do not want to write such things down).

It was a complete stranger, so it wasn’t a sentence pulled up to be humoristic. They haven’t seen this guy before. I think it’s not needed to say that they felt uncomfortable and threatened.

I believe that we should never speak things that could make somebody else feel uncomfortable. Shouting vulgar things and especially at people you do not know, at girls who are clearly younger than you and do not have any protection at all, is inappropriate and quite frankly if you ask me – it should be somewhat illegal.

And this is why we need feminism. Because two girls at age of 16 cannot walk a street in a small town of a small country without a guy shouting vulgar things at them.

Women need to be respected. Men need to be respected. Anyone has to earn the respect and anyone could demand respect. However, it’s a lot harder to feel good in your skin and demand anything at all when a stranger does inappropriate things.

A lot of men think that women want feminism just so we can “play against them”.
They think we want feminism to overpower them. They think we want to make them smaller. They are wrong.

Let me break it to everyone in the back: any true feminist only wants the genders to be equal. I, myself, am a feminist because I believe we deserve to be equal.

If it was a male friend of mine who told me the exact story with changed genders (if he told me a woman shouted vulgar things at him while he was just walking around), I would have reacted EXACTLY the same.

I vote for equality. Not power over either one of the genders.

No matter your gender, you deserve to be respected and it is your right to equally respect another human being. No matter the age, gender, sexual orientation, anything that comes up.
UNTILL they prove you they cannot respect you and therefore you probably can’t respect them back.

To be a man that wants to show “power” by shouting anything at anyone (not just women, men as well) only shows he must suffer from a lack of both confidence and intelligence. It is not funny, brilliant or attractive. It’s inappropriate and We. Need. You. To. Stop.


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