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Women need to feel appreciated.

I think that in any kind of a relationship we need to understand that people need to be appreciated. We should let our friends know how much they mean to us. It’s the same thing with our parents and other family and it’s the same with spouses.

However, normally – the female gender is a little more sensitive and vulnerable. Of course, it doesn’t depend on the gender, because males can feel anxious as well. So, let’s remember that I am not trying to “judge a group by one member” because that would be wrong and ALSO we all know that every rule has its exceptions.

However, I know that males normally don’t think as much about consequences. Males “do” more and think less. Males know what they want. They are not as confused as women are and they don’t think things through half as much as women do.
Which is not a mistake, don’t get me wrong. I think that men are mostly less judgmental and less jealous. They are normally less worried about a relationship. They accept situations more easily instead of start wondering “what if”. Everything is clear to them (although they normally don’t understand women, ha-ha).

Women on the other hand always think. Women want to understand themselves, men, relationships between women and men and anything else that we can think of. To let you in on a small secret: we normally fail.
To point out – again, every rule has its exception, every person is made differently and some women are more this and that, others less. We do know that women are mostly more committed, more sensitive, more … Everything. When men think less and do more, women are normally exactly the opposite. Some females are more spontaneous and not as much anxious, when others are the opposite. It’s hard to have a rule.

Normally people say that females are more mature than males (I know everyone has been saying to us to go easy on “boys” because they’re still not as developed as we are – because women develop faster). And yeah, maybe it’s true in some ways of thinking. But sometimes it’s easier to be less mature. Because – mostly – women will want to control situations.

Which means this – before a woman does a choice, she is going to calculate all the outcomes possible. Do you like me? Do you not like me? Do I even like me?
It’s all just overly complicated. While males don’t bother about silly questions, females simply need to know where they stand.

That’s why males need to appreciate females.
Women need to appreciate men just as much, don’t get me wrong. However, just because men aren’t “famous” for over thinking, it’s easier for them to be more confident and kind of happier. They don’t spend their days worrying about things that might go wrong, about words that people might say.

So, just as we need to show love to everyone who is near us, men really need to learn how to show their emotions. Emotions don’t always only mean sadness. Tears.
You can be a “traditional” man. Tough one, the way your parents taught you. But you can still show love to your loving woman. You can still cherish her and let her know that you do not doubt her. Especially not as much as she doubts herself.


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