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You are allowed to have an opinion. However, know when to use it.

tumblr_npl14zR0b11ttsu2ro1_400It’s not a secret that every human being is entitled to their own opinion. Standing up for ourselves and letting people know how our mind works and what our thoughts are is a beautiful perk we’ve all been given. Some people take the advantages of it, some don’t and third ones take it way too seriously.

Just because you have a right to an opinion, it doesn’t mean you’re the smartest person in the room or that you need to tell your opinion at all situations.

Just like you can handle your life on your own, other people can handle theirs. When somebody doesn’t ask you for an opinion, you have a right to respect their decision. Just like they would have respected yours.

If an action is morally or legally wrong, you can express your worries. However, in the end everybody decides for their own selves.

By the way, what is this thing that people started to believe?
That being opinionated and being presumptuous is the same thing? It is not.

The main difference between “being opinionated” and “being presumptuous” is the respect. When you give out your opinion, you do it because you respect yourself and people involved in the situation/conversation. When you start being presumptuous, you do not respect anyone. The person you respect the most is yourself and even when it comes to that, there’s obvious lack of respect. Because, why? If you respected yourself enough, you wouldn’t act rudely. If you respected somebody else enough, you wouldn’t act rudely.

So, at the end of the day, there are two things we need to do:
1. Understand the difference between an opinion and a rude act,
2. Find a balance between those two and understand when to (or not) express our opinion.

Another thing is pretty sure: nobody wants to be criticized as such. Expressing your opinion doesn’t mean disrespecting somebody else. That’s the thing I previously said. If you are opinionated, you need to be respectful as well.

You can’t go on and comment somebody else’s appearance, personality, behavior, etc. By expressing negative opinion, you can insult them. And that is not needed, believe me. If you have something nice to say, do so. People are always happy to hear compliments.
When you have nothing nice to say, remain quiet. People know about their mistakes. They know about their appearance. They know about everything, believe me. There is literally no need for you to insult them. Even if they insulted you first. Be the bigger person and be opinionated, not presumptuous.


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