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Why we need feminism – because sport fans cheer on to girls who are less dressed.

tumblr_nomqfjX2NW1qzds6ro1_1280The other day I was watching a volleyball match live. Without really knowing so, I learned a lesson I decided I need to pass on.
I’ve talked before about feminism.
Today I’ll talk about how people’s judgment can be clouded.

Two girls playing against two other girls. Volleyball match. A pair of girls being “overly” dressed (comparing to the jerseys that boys wore) and a pair of two other girls being … Not dressed “enough”.
If it’s a professional match, I believe the players need to have somewhat equal jerseys (no matter their gender). Now, that can be a hard job to do (apparently) and you’ll say that people won’t pay attention to players’ appearance, just their game, but you are wrong.

I’ve noticed how the audience cheered on louder to those two girls who were wearing a sports bra and a … I honestly don’t know what that bottom piece was – maybe a kind of a “shorts-bikini”.
I noticed how people didn’t rate the game much, not at the beginning anyways.
Not only did the audience cheer louder to the girls who were dressed less … The male part of the audience was shouting “Australia! Go you!”
Okay … At least they didn’t shout things like “nice shorts” or anything. Right? But when the host asks the public who are they cheering for and both teams are playing more than good and the audience is by 90% louder for the girls who are less dressed … It’s not about the game. Believe me.
And all of that is … I won’t say “okay”, but it’s not highly wrong. I can get pass that.
Maybe those two girl players wanted to be dressed that way, maybe they feel good in their skin and maybe their self-esteem is big enough that males cannot provoke them. Good for you!
What I CANNOT get passed by are the comments I read later on the public site of the tournament.
“This is the only reason I like watching girls in sports.”
“What were they even playing? Who cares!”
“Great jerseys!”
“Too bad Australia didn’t win, since they were looking this smoking.”
And I ask myself … Males, is it so hard to actually control your hormones?
Because, God help me, females have hormones, too. SHOCKER!
Let me explain that. To me, a teenage girl, it was nice seeing boys with tattoos and great body figures. It’s attractive; I am not going to lie. But not ONCE have I felt the need to cheer on louder for boys who looked “better”, not  once have I felt the need to comment my feelings out loud. Not while the match was going on and even less on a public site where players and everyone else can view your comment.

The summary: Every human being is indeed allowed to be attracted by certain standards. But you can be attracted to things and still be a) appropriate
b) not a disgusting pig.

And I am not putting up double standards. Maybe it happens now and then that the woman’s part of the audience will “scream” if a boy player takes his shirt off. But, and I am not trying to insult anybody (so I apologize if I do so), it’s mostly because of males’ egos.  EVEN SO, it’s not appropriate, of course.

However, while some males find that as a positive trait (being cheered on for their bodies, their appearance) …  As a female, I can guarantee you there is NOTHING “encouraging” about you – a male – shouting inappropriate things and letting the public know that you are turned on by a SLIGHTEST view of skin.

And let me tell you another thing … If males can smack females’ bottoms, if they can yell inappropriate things, if they can objectify us,  does that give us the right to treat them with the same amount of respect as they treat us?
Because as soon as females start doing that, we’ll make a hole in the system of human’s interaction and there will be no respect left.

We need feminism. Not because males are “sex beings”. So are females. We need feminism because males don’t have boundaries. They don’t know where the line between the appropriate and inappropriate ends.
We need feminism, because females’ stragedy of the game should be more important than clothes they are wearing.
We need feminism.

And how do you feel about this? Let me know in the comments below.


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