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The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (second part) REVIEW

Looking at my blog, I am sure we can all agree I’ve talked about anything but books/movies. After seeing the movie I was excited about, I couldn’t just stay quiet. Here I am, writing a review of The Scorch Trials, which is the second part of The Maze Runner series. This post will contain a lot of spoilers and comparisons to the book, so if you are about to read the books/reading the books/a hater of spoilers, please don’t read ahead.

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1. DIFFERENT START. It starts like this. There is a bunch of kids sitting in some kind of a cafeteria after being rescued from the maze. It’s a different start from the book. We get to think the rescuers aren’t WICKED (even though they are), when in the book, they find their rescuers being hanged up. I prefer the movie version.

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2. ARIS AND THE TELEPATHY. We meet Aris, a character from the book. I have pictured him differently, cannot lie. But I do like the personality that this character has in the movie. He is considered a loner, he only trusts Thomas with the secrets he knows about the place. It’s interesting, because the telepathy was cut off from the story. In the book – Thomas, Teresa, Aris (and the girl that was close to Aris?) could all talk to each other in their minds. Here, there is no telepathy.

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3. MAZES. Thomas and Aris find some weird objects in a room that is protected from the kids. They also find other subjects (people from the maze) who they thought were being saved, but were instead kept there (not either alive or dead).
To take a moment: in the book, there’s been two mazes. In the movie, there’s ton of them.
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4. TERESA AND HER MEMORIES. When it comes to books: some of the characters (Teresa is worth mentioning of) get their memories back – but this happens in the third book. Here, Theresa is the only person that gets memories back. Already in the second part. Her gaining back memories results in a similiar way – she ends up betraying Thomas, although on a different way, more about this later.

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5. PEOPLE BREAKING OUT? Another interesting fact: Newt, Thomas, Teresa, Minho, Aris, (Frypan and Winston?) break out of the place. In books, this does happen, but in the third part. There – the subjects breaking out are Newt, Minho, Thomas, Brenda and Jorge. In the third part of the book, Teresa breaks out with different people. In the SECOND BOOK, they face with another trial and none of them actually break out (there is nothing to break out of). This means, in the movie – there is no new trial. Also, the Gladers don’t hear about the cure for the Flare.
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6. BOOK ELEMENTS. A lot of changes, yes. We don’t get introduced to the ball that cuts off heads (an element from the book) and the sun isn’t smoking hot, they can walk around all day normally. They kept the lightning in the movie, by the way, which gave us action. The group travels to the mountains, which is their escape. Differently: the mountains are an end to a new trial in the book.
ANOTHER THING THEY CUT OFF: THERE IS NO “RAT MAN”. The Rat Man is a scientist from the WICKED, who is quite important in both the second and the third book. They haven’t introduced us to him in the movie, which is sad.
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7. THE SAME PERSON DIES. Winston dies, even though on a different way. I preferred the movie’s version of his death. He starts changing into a Crank and ends up killing himself with a gun. I’ve mentioned before the lightning scene is kept, but nobody dies.
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8. CRANKS ARE CRANKS. Cranks are one of my favorite things in the movie. I was very curious how would they picture them – as zombies? Let me tell you, they don’t look like zombies, they are scarier and faster. Although – I don’t like the fact that they skipped stages from the book. In the books, there’s different stages of Cranks, you only change after you are “past the Gone.” In the movie: there is no rational Cranks.
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9. TWO THINGS I MISS THE MOST. We don’t get the Brenda/Thomas kiss in the tunnel, although they are caught there. We get a kiss in a party house, where they are drugged. It looks less real and more forced that way. Another scene we don’t get is the lunatic Crank who screams and sings about “their noses”. I was excited about that scene, it could have been an epic one, but they didn’t keep it in the movie.
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10. THE ACTION IS THERE. To me, the second movie is better than the first. It includes explosions, jumping to dangerous places, fighting with Cranks and a bloody war with the WICKED. It includes action.
Another thing I love: the movie isn’t focused about the romance (even though – the book isn’t MUCH either).
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11. THE RIGHT ARM IS HERE. In the books, the organization is present in the third part, not in the second.
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12. BRENDA. She gets infected. I don’t know whether this means she can still be immune and if she could be safe and working with WICKED (as it was presented in the third book), but I think we are off to a bad end. I hope she lives, because I want the movie relationship of Brenda and Thomas.
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13. IS THOMAS’S/IMMUNE’S BLOOD THE ANSWER TO A CURE? A doctor tells Thomas a mix of some fluid and his blood can postpone Brenda’s change. Does this mean an immune’s blood could be the answer to a cure? There is no cure found or made in the books by the end of the series.
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14. TERESA IS A TRAITOR. In the books, she betrays Thomas with Aris’ help, in order to “protect” him. Here, there is no love involved. She betrays him/them for one purpose only: to get back to the trials and get the cure.
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15. ONE THING MOVIES ALWAYS LACK OF. The friendship that Newt/Minho/Thomas have isn’t as presented as in the books. Minho cares deeply for Newt, Newt truly trusts Thomas. In the movie, it doesn’t seem as Minho and Newt have such a strong bond, although it’s obvious that Thomas is ready to die for his friends. I also wish they’d dig into the characters more.

16. TO CONCLUDE. The movie is part the second, part the third book and part of something totally new. Cranks look epic, the visual effects are good, the script isn’t anything special, but isn’t bad either. There’s some similiar scenes with the book, but many were changed. They took off scenes I wanted to be took off: the ball, the sun, another trial, telepathy. On the other hand … They also took out the importance of characters’ relationships (although not as much) and the importance of each character individually. There is no Rat Man, instead – we see Ava. Since the ending is very different, I am excited to see what is the third movie going to be like. They’ve taken a couple of elements from the third book here already, so I don’t know what much is left of.

Bottom line: don’t let “shit” be your drinking game while watching. You’ll get wasted too early.

If you are a passionate reader who expected this movie to be a duplicate of the book, you will probably be disappointed. To me – in a way, the movie was better, considering the plot. The book was better when it comes to relationships and characters.
All in all, it’s an actionfull movie. And yes, it’s BASED upon the novels. Not DUPLICATED.

The criticts weren’t as good as my review, probably because I am not such a demanding watcher. The opinion is subjective, so every single person creates their own ratings.

There is a lot more to talk about, but I’ve already crossed my limit. Make sure you give me questions in the comments if you want to talk about anything.


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