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Special December Post – BE GRATEFUL. ALWAYS.

It’s only the beginning of December, yet everyone are decorating trees and they seem to be mentally prepared for Christmas. I am not, let me tell you. I still have so much to do … A special December post wasn’t in my plan at all, but it kind of popped into my mind … Sure, why not?

It is only the beginning of December. OK .It’s important to point out there is no “right” time to be grateful. I feel very happy and positive around the holidays. The close family gets together, we eat together and give each other gifts. Just three days after Christmas, it’s my birthday and I feel so loved.

I think there is something wrong with this, though. I feel as if I don’t feel as grateful or as loved on any other time of the year. Maybe I am at fault, maybe life circumstances are at fault, maybe … I don’t know. I think we are all guilty of it a little. That’s why it’s very important to me to point out the fact that we need to be grateful at any other time of the year. We need to be happy, positive, loved and loving at any other time of the year.
And sadness, stress, negativity will always be a part of our lives. No matter where we go, who we are with and what we are doing. Sometimes we’ll feel more miserable, other times we’ll feel happier. Sometimes you smile, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t having a bad time. We cannot outrun bad circumstances or people. We cannot outrun our own selves. So, no matter where I am, what I do, who I am with …

I try to be grateful. My life has changed around a lot. I appreciate my life more. I cherish the people in my life more. I understand that I can be miserable, but happy at the same time. So, why are we only grateful when we are having a good time? And why is sadness a bad thing?

We should cherish pain, as well. It gives us a feeling of realness. It gives us a feeling of being alive. I know it does to me, at least. In future – I will hurt a lot of times and so will my loved ones. But this is a fact – both hapiness and pain are part of our lives. At the same time. Yet, once again, we only cherish and appreciate happiness.

Let’s cherish sadness. Let’s understand that we need to be grateful, no matter where we are.

The times we live in aren’t perfect. But they are no better and no worse than times before us.

Let’s love our beautiful loved ones as much as we love them on holidays. Let’s give love any other time of the year, whether we feel happy or miserable. 


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