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If I could, I would vote for equality. Nothing less, nothing more.

Every once in a time, there is a new debate of a specific topic. It’s out in the world and it seems as if the whole human population has something to say about it. Well, everyone except those who feel neutral about a topic. But, sadly, often people bring their noses up businesses that aren’t theirs, therefore, not many feel neutral.
And yes, I won’t lie. I should feel neutral about a lot of topics that were brough up. I don’t have many experiences and I am still building my voice. But as I am a stubborn person, I cannot handle seeing bad things being written by people who haven’t done their research. I cannot hold myself back when I read a comment I disagree with. And not because “I need to be right”, but because often – those comments include arguments that sound like the biggest bu–shit I have heard in my life ever. I can accept somebody’s opinion with my arms open wide, as long as they don’t threaten, lie, insult, …
The popular topic this year is whether the LGBT community should get married or not. By many countries, that law was accepted. It felt like we, as a population, made some progress. Then – everyone started talking about kids. Suddenly – to some, the thought of a LGBT person sharing a kid with another LGBT person sounded … “Wrong, disgusting, something that should be illegal” and so on.
In my country, we now have a chance to vote either AGAINST or FOR the new law that could “benefit” the LGBT community.
Should a LGBT person have a kid with another LGBT person?

I am reading countless opinions. It’s nothing new. Some people are saying YES, others are saying NO.
What are the arguments of those, saying no?
Let’s take an example of a flawed opinion, the one that bothers me the most, which is: I don’t want a kid to have the same gender parents, because he/she will be bullied in school.
REPLICA: I was bullied in school. I have a father and a mother. Many other children I know or have known were bullied in school. They have/had a father and a mother.
So, what now? How about we just forbid everyone having kids? I mean, if kids are going to get bullied, let’s just save this problem and ban kids from this world.
See … I don’t want to be mean and I don’t want to answer stupidly. But, to a stupid argument, I cannot give a smart answer.

Do you, a homophobe, feel threatened? Will a happy relationship between two LGBT people make you feel like you are in danger? And will it emotionally and physically hurt you if two men or two women share a child?

And now, my next question … And this goes to younger generations … Are you saying you are going to raise your child in homophobia? Because if another kid will be bullied, a kid with two mothers or two fathers, who will be the bully? Will it be your child? Is this what you are afraid of?

Maybe you are a bully.

Let’s turn the table. If one day your child admits to you that he/she is a part of a LGBT community, will you be a bully?
If you will be, should somebody ban you from having a child?

AND WHAT … What do you get from this new law? Do you get an advantage or a disadvantage? While you play God and “decide” whether someone should have a normal life, “even though” they don’t love the same thing/people you do? Do … You … Get an advantage or a disadvantage?

I would vote yes. I would always and forever vote for equality.

You say a kid needs a father and a mother. Bu–shit. A kid needs love, protection, trust, safety … Whether it’s given by two women, two men or a man and a woman.

I could say many more. But the most important thing is that we need to stop being so hateful. We, as a human population, need to move in with time. It’s the 21st century and we feel as if we are God. We feel as if we can tell someone they cannot be accepted, even though OUR GOD accepts everyone.

If I could, I would vote for equality. Nothing less, nothing more. You should do the same.


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