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Everything that is toxic isn’t needed.

A couple of days ago I was talking to my friend about (teenage) relationships and how toxic they can be. We both know someone who is in a toxic relationship where the guy has the need to order her around about everything she can or cannot do. It makes me feel sick, because we’re all so young and we all have the right to live our life however we want to live it. The only people in our life who have the right to order us around about our life decisions are our parents and even they shouldn’t strangle us with their images of ideals.

Your friend, boyfriend or husband does not have the right to order you around. In a relationship, where two of the people love and respect each other, some of the decisions need to be made by both of them when a situation affects both of them.

But, listen … The reason I named this post “everything that is toxic isn’t needed” is that I didn’t want to be stereotypical. Naming this post “you don’t need him if he is toxic for you” would be exactly that.

The modern problem is that some males still think they “have the power in their hands” and sometimes we forget that women weren’t only made to be mothers and “maids”. The image is changing. We can talk about this for days, some women prefer a free state of mind where they can be whatever they want, others are still focusing on family and also – some men (still) treat women as beings who need to be “controlled” and other men respect their partners.

In some situations, women can be aggressive and controlling beings as well, it works both ways. In some situations, men are making the sacrifice. Either of the partners who are in a relationship can be toxic for the other one.

THEREFORE … If you are a man, your partner shouldn’t control your PRIVATE decisions. If you are a woman, your partner shouldn’t control your PRIVATE decisions. You are equal, no matter your genders. Remember that.

And if you let somebody order you around, maybe you are toxic for your own self. If you can live a life that somebody else created for you without feeling empty and if you cannot step up for yourself … I don’t know.

We should always get rid of everything that is toxic for us. This saying isn’t exactly practical, because we cannot just leave a household or a job or college … The truth is that life isn’t ideal. You have to make sacrifices in life, you have to figure out what is important and worth saving of. Sometimes you have to fake a smile and suck it up. However, If you CAN get rid of a toxic person/situation, you should.

Is anyone making your life toxic and how do you deal with it? Speak up in the comments below.


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