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“Is this person being provocative or not?”

It can be very hard to draw a line and decide whether a person is acting provocative or not. I know myself – I sometimes say something without thinking about it first. I might come off as a provocative person, even though that wasn’t my intention. It would never be my intention to insult the other person or make them feel bad. However, people might understand our behavior differently than we portrayed it. Another “disadvantage” of mine is speaking loudly. We normally think loudness and aggresion go hand in hand. After all, most people get loud when they are angry. But sometimes people aren’t aware of their tone and we mistake the simple loudness for agression.
16109a2e3ab2afc3d68bdb2db3cd7c84How do you know somebody is being provocative? I am a very honest person and if something bothers me, I either talk about it or try to forget it. I do not get provocative on purpose. I believe I have outgrown that state of mind. That’s why it’s very hard for me to recognize a provocative person. How do you recognize something you are not quite familiar with?
I believe it’s very important to talk to people and ask questions when we feel confused about their behavior. I know people don’t always have a pure heart and especially if they are being provocative on purpose – they probably won’t tell us that nicely. They won’t change their intentions in a matter of three seconds. But you owe it to yourself to know where you stand. You don’t need to get in a fight with people who are being provocative, but you don’t owe them the respect and kindness either. I am not saying you should act the same way they do – I actually very much discourage that. I am saying you can walk away from this kind of situations. If someone is being provocative toward me and I am sure I haven’t mistaken that behavior for something else, I laugh it off and move on. I don’t feel like I owe them any other response. There are other ways to communicate with people – especially when you are feeling angry, sad, lonely … Being provocative doesn’t help you or the person you are talking to. It only highlights your need to disrespect somebody. It doesn’t bring you anywhere in life. That’s why I feel as if I don’t need to use my positive energy to communicate with someone negative.

Do you ever get provocative and what is the reason behing that? Do you feel as if people act provocatively toward you and how do you respond?  Let me know in the comments!

You can also ask questions, talk about your life in general or suggest what should my next topic be about.


4 comments on ““Is this person being provocative or not?”

  1. Mon ☠
    June 28, 2016

    I feel like others are being provocative a lot, and that’s just a symptom of being too sensitive. I try to think less in terms of “What their intentions are” to “What do they really think? “

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    • largesttamara
      June 28, 2016

      That’s a very smart way of thinking! If somebody is too sensitive, they’ll most likely set up walls and being provocative is a “good” way to do that, because you manage to push people away by being disrespectful and angry. I love your point of view.

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      • Mon ☠
        June 29, 2016

        Haha, I was talking about me being the sensitive one and thinking others as being provocative, but yeah, that IS another way to look at it. You just gave me an idea haha

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      • largesttamara
        June 29, 2016

        hahaha 😀 well, that’s what it’s beautiful when two people have a debate. we don’t have the same first thoughts. then we see the other perspective that makes sense just as much as our does! 🙂 I can see the point in every single perspective 😀

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