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My hope is that everyone can get rid of the anger inside themselves

The people I know have a lot of anger inside themselves, I’ve noticed that. They resent themselves, their parents, the dog that keeps barking at night, the teachers that yell at them, their friends. I get angry about the most pittiful things too, sometimes, but I always try to control that anger and let it out the way that it doesn’t affect badly the people I love.

The solution for almost any kind of an emotion is honest conversation. Tell your friends you need space, talk to your mother about your problems. The biggest mistake people often do is that they do not talk about their anger at all and they end up putting up their guard. If you don’t talk about the anger, it will find some other way to come out. That’s when people start acting disrespectful, passive aggresive, draining … The energy you put out becomes so negative, that not only are you full with anger, but suddenly the people who care about you feel angry just as much.

If you can’t have an honest conversation (although I definitely support that and I think there are ways to talk about your emotions), I think it’s good to listen to some music when the dog is barking, run a mile when things seem too tough. Trying to ignore your anger is not right and not healthy. You owe more to yourself and the people who experience your behaviour first hand.

Think. Why are you so angry? Where does that anger come from? Don’t you feel better when you are smiling instead? Doesn’t the anger drain you? I know it drains me. It takes so much more energy to be angry and resent yourself/the people in your life than it takes to be positive. Trust me. If you laugh, the people in your life will feel more relaxed around you and you will feel more accepted among them. If you let down the guard that is holding in your anger, you’ll feel so much more relaxed.

When you get angry, try to get ahold of other emotions instead. Love, happiness, maybe even fear. Understand your anger and accept it, but don’t let it rule your life. Every other emotion should equally be present in your life. If you let go of the anger, you won’t be empty, you’ll make room for all the other feelings.

The anger will drain you. Emotionally and phisically. It will ruin the good relationships you have with people. I know it can be hard to control your anger, but you have to start at small things and go on from there. The little steps in life mean more than no steps at all.


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