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When I am wrong, educate me, don’t attack me.

I think it’s very important to respect an opinion that is different from our own. Thing is, even our friends and family won’t always have the same opinion as we do, let alone strangers. I actually like people who form their own opinions. Very often people decide to like a topic just because it’s popular to do so. That’s why the same songs are popular, we are reading similiar books and we are all registered on the same social medias. But ok, that’s not that bad, it’s just how life works. Even those people that do not follow the trends, are part of some group of people that has the same or at least similiar opinion about something. That group is just smaller.

Anyhow … Yes, I like when people have their opinions. I don’t get upset when my friends or family disagree with me. I love a healthy discussion, as long as the respect is mutual and we can accept each other’s opinion, even if we disagree. Actually, if you make solid points, I don’t mind saying I am wrong. Nobody is perfect and it’s very easy to have your facts wrong these days. The information we get from the media is very diverse and if you’ve created an opinion just based on the media, without doing any further research, of course you can be wrong!

In that case, when somebody has their facts wrong, it’s very important to know how to react on that. It’s also very important not to change the discussion into an argument. Anyone can be wrong. If I am wrong, I’d like you to educate me, not attack me. If you start insulting my opinion and my point of view, our conversation will no longer be a healthy disccusion. Not because I would be an aggressive person, but because I won’t feel comfortable talking to you anymore. You have to respect the person you are talking to and you don’t show any respect by attacking them. The wish to be right is often a part of human’s nature, but that doesn’t give you a pass.

I will admit something. Just like some people support trends because they are popular, I sometimes dislike something, because it’s “popular to dislike it”. I don’t dislike it because I want to “fit in” with a group of people, I also don’t dislike it because it’s “cool” to dislike it. I am not fond of something, because a lot of people have given me a reason not to be fond of it. Based on the facts that I have, I’ve therefore created an opinion. Because I am a stubborn person, my opinion won’t change easily, because I also spend a lot of time creating it. However, sometimes we only look at the bad side and we forget to research the good points of something that we don’t like. When a supporter gives you reasons that show you you might be wrong, you can still decide to change your opinion. I personally might. I won’t change it in a second, but I can think through the new facts.

That’s why you need to educate a person and you also need to let someone educate you. Nobody has all of the answers. Making a list of both good and bad things can give us perspective, whereas only focusing on either just the good or the bad part most likely won’t.


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