Largest Temperature

Man, are we good at complaining …

The biggest fault of every human is that we love complaining so much, but would we ever consider changing things for the better? Very rarely …

I had a very honest conversation with a person I know the other day and she confided in me how much it bothers her that people just aren’t close to each other anymore … She said she doesn’t like it how we spend a majority of time behind our computers, books, TVs, let it be whichever technology it is … And we very rarely decide to go out, spontaneously.

Do I agree with what she said? Yeah, of course. Sometimes couple of days pass by that I haven’t even been outside … Every week, when it’s time for a weekend, I feel practically ill, because I don’t have any shedules, any assigments, what-so-ever and I have no idea what to do. Do I ever go out, to coffee, out of a blue? Yeah, when my brother asks me. Do I ever go out, spontaneously, with a friend? In a year, maybe three times. I think that’s crazy!

However … Who is at fault? We all say it’s the technology, the modern era, that so angrily keeps us away from forming real relationships and real friendships … But who succumbs to it? Nobody told us to dissocialize, we did that on our own!

I spent a lot of time inviting people to social events, asking them out to coffee, to walks, to shopping sprees … And they rarely had the time. Friends that I didn’t see for WEEKS at a time were too busy to go out for a 20-minutes long walk … People were tired on Friday nights, they were even more tired to go anywhere after class … They were tired during the week and during the weekends. And then, sometimes, I heard excuses like “I can’t go out, because I wasn’t much home this week at all.” And I ended up asking them … WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU? We didn’t meet up for 30 days and, what, that’s it? You don’t care enough to clean up your schedule (and by the way … 18 years old people DON’T have busy schedules, especially not the ones that I know), but … You obviously cleaned it up for somebody else …

We aren’t interested, that’s what it is. Some people just aren’t our priority. We clean our “busy” shedules up for those who matter. We reply to messages to those who matter, even if we have a stressful exam coming up the next day. We spend time with people who matter … Screw the technology. It has nothing to do with relationships and friendships.

And … She was complaining, I am complaining right now … And neither of us forgot about our pride and tried to ask a friend out. We are SO bothered by the fact that we only have one or two honest relationships, but … We are doing nothing to change that.

I’m personally ashamed. But … Truth be told? I am done fighting for people who aren’t trying to fight for me. I am done trying to clean my schedule every day for people who haven’t cleaned it for 30 days for me. That isn’t fair … Not to them and not to me.


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