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We aren’t in a competition, so we might as well encourage each other.

When I was little, I always believed that our friends are supposed to be our allies, our biggest supporters and people who will always be there for us to give us a compliment or two and a couple of encouraging words. Now I realized that might not always be the case …

I still have some friends who root for me, who wish me the best … And I do the same for them. But sometimes I notice that some people feel bad when you succeed and they don’t. That’s just so sad … I don’t feel like I am in a direct competition with anyone … When we write exams, I’d like all of my school mates to get a good grade. Next month, when we apply for colleges, I wish them sincere luck at succeeding wherever they want to succeed. I don’t feel like I will get worse opportuinities in life if any of them do well.

Yet … Some people truly believe that they will miss out on some important lessons, because their friend is currently being a “brighter star” at some area than they are … Doesn’t that kind of an opinion hurt your soul?

How can you wish bad upon someone, especially someone you love, because you aren’t being successful in that exact moment? I am happy when people that I love are happy … I couldn’t purposely make somebody unhappy because I am unhappy, not ever.

I noticed that people who aren’t so close to you might encourage you more than people who know you very well. It has nothing to do with who is friends with who and how long have you known some people … It’s all about the character of the people and their mindset. A positive person doesn’t mind encouraging other people, because they know they don’t profit off of someone’s bad luck.

I feel like it’s nice to be kind and encouraging even to people that aren’t our greatest friends. Sometimes we have a bad day and a ray of sunshine is all we need to feel better. And all kind of people can be those rays of sunshine for us.


2 comments on “We aren’t in a competition, so we might as well encourage each other.

  1. Diana Marin
    February 9, 2017

    This is a beautiful mindset that indeed not everyone adopts. I guess there could be several reasons why- from being raised to be competitive by parents, to previous environments where outshining others would bring some kind of rewards (i.e school), or it could simply be because someone’s ego needs to be fed.
    There really should be more kindness in the world. Whilst I understand the need to prove yourself and be accomplished, I do not understand why some people decide to be mean in order to feel better about themselves.

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    • largesttamara
      February 9, 2017

      I totally understand and agree your opinion! I think that being competitive can, sometimes, be a good thing, too … But people bring the competition in every-day actions that really shouldn’t be about “winning” and “being the best”. And I also think that kidness always brings us better results in life. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

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