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Is my friend’s business – my business?

I personally like minding my own business. I like being successful and owning that success by myself and I also like making mistakes and learning from them on my own. That’s why I don’t get involved with other people’s businesses, because I hope that they can be as independent as I am trying to be. By not getting involved too much with their issues, I expect them to give the same kind of respect and space to me.

The thing is, though, I strongly believe that we are made to form opinions. Some people less, some people more … Either way, if you have an opinion, it can be difficult to hide it.

Sometimes you shouldn’t hide an opinion, because other people can grow when they see your point of view, since they might not see it themselves. But you have to remember that it’s always easy to judge somebody’s decisions when they aren’t yours and it’s easy to give advice about a situation that you aren’t it.

So … If the decision isn’t yours … And if you aren’t in this situation … Is your friend’s business – your business?

Firstly … When it comes to me, I have to say I only have one friend where we have the “tough-love” kind of a friendship, which means we get involved in each other’s personal spaces often. I do that, because she does it … And I live my life based on the rule “Act toward people the way they act toward you.” It’s all rainbows and hugs, though, even when our opinions clash.

Secondly, if I am not playing the “tough-love” friend, I leave my opinions behind. If they directly ask me “What do you think about this?” Or … “Am I doing a mistake?” I will own their problem as my own, because I think their question was an invitation for me to get involved in whatever is happening in their life. But by no means do I feel like I have to be egoistic and oppose people, just because I could. I don’t have all the answers, I just have an opinion.

It’s very important to remember one thing. If you give an opinion without being asked for it and if you see that the person doesn’t feel comfortable about you doing that … Make sure you draw back. People can be sensitive about certain topics, because they’re simply too personal. Don’t feel upset about their reaction. They didn’t respond that way because they wouldn’t trust you. They are allowed to be private sometimes, just as you are allowed to do the same.

To sum it up … There is no right or wrong in this topic. It depends on the relationship, your opinion, your friends … I think that you can’t go wrong by only minding your own business, but sometimes it feels good to have a friend that lets you be tough toward them and that is tough toward you as well. I believe it’s good to limit that number of people, though, because otherwise we just involve too much.


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