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You can LITERALLY decide to be positive.

When I first heard the phrase “You can decide to be positive”, I ignored it completely. I looked through it and went back to feeling sorry for myself. But NOW … When I have learned to be more confident, to smile more and let the little moments of my life create a good mood … Now I get it. I believe it. And I preach it.

* I’m not saying that depressed people can change their life around “only if they want to.” That’s not how it works, because that’s a very complexed issue that covers a lot more than a “negative look on life.” It’s about mental illness and so much more … So please note that I’m not talking about depression.

I’m talking about people who lock themselves in and don’t give a chance to anything or anybody. I’m talking about people who are lazy, angry, self-centered … Unconfident … People who aren’t grateful for being alive. People who do not see that they could have it so much worse.

Listen, I’m not one of those “You can’t be sad/angry, because kids in Africa are starving and you are being self-centered!” No … That’s not what being self-centered means. You are allowed to have a bad day, you are allowed to be in one of those moods when you don’t feel like socializing or smiling. You can’t be perfect. It wouldn’t even be HEALTHY to be “perfect”. Being self-centered means that you only see yourself. You think that your lack of confidence will eat you up. You insult yourself. You put yourself down … You create a whole pity party.

Pity parties are the worst. People cannot cheer for you when you do not cheer for yourself. Remember that. And you shouldn’t expect them to. You have to love yourself first. Build yourself up. Create something good!

No person ever succeeded by laying on their couch, being covered in chips, with negative thoughts in their head. You cannot move on when you do not give yourself a chance.

And when you do give yourself a chance, you’ll understand that you can literally decide to have a positive mind. When you start cheering for yourself, you stop being lazy. You organize your diet, you go out more, do the things that you love … Every now and then being a lazy piece of **** works, too, don’t get me wrong. But as long as you are only taking a break and not going back to your pity party, you are doing great. Trust me.

And you’ll start cheering for other people, too. You’ll stop being jealous and resentful and … Angry! Anger is the worst. I feel like it’s such a powerful emotion that it can often cover up all of those other feelings like love and happiness … If we let it, of course. You’ll NEVER achieve a thing if you’ll only be angry. It will wear you out, take all of your energy … And that’s that. You can’t be positive then.

You can try to control your anger. You can ignore the jealous thoughts about other people. You should compliment yourself in the mirror and let yourself grow. You should smile even when you don’t feel like smiling. And you should thank God for the things that you have. Even though you aren’t grateful about everything that has happened in your life, you can surely find something that does make you feel good about yourself.

THAT’S what “deciding to be positive” means. It’s not a made-up attitude that will consume you. It’s a way out. Out of the anger, laziness and your self-centered world.

It works. I’m telling you!


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