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Pick the good traits that your friends posess and carry them on.

I often find myself thinking “I won’t offer help, because they wouldn’t offer it to me.” Or … “I won’t give a compliment, because they don’t give any.” And other things like that. However, I’ve recently started asking myself this question: Why am I picking the “bad” traits of my friends (aka the traits that I personally don’t obsess about) and I carry those onto my own personality? I then find myself acting toward people the same way that I wish they didn’t act. Which means my attitude fights with the logic. It makes no sense.

I’ve now found myself picking the good traits of my friends’ personalities. I have a friend that always says “text me when you come home.” I have a friend that often says “thank you” and “please”. Another friend of mine often texts me to ask whether I want to meet up. I have a friend who wants to read the things that I write. There’s a school mate of mine who always notices when I have a new piece of clothing and always compliments me. Those are the little things that matter so much to me and I cherish them and hold them so close to my heart that I have decided to carry them on to my own personality.

Instead of acting toward people in spite, because some of their habits bother me, I am now learning to be loving and supporting even when they aren’t. Because when I’m acting a certain way, I believe that they can learn from me, just as I can learn from them. We can inspire each other. That’s the beauty of friendship.

The thing is … It’s crazy just how much we can learn from the people that we socialize with. We can either become a better or a worse person because of them. No matter whether you adapt to people quickly or not, you’re going to pick the phrases/body language/thoughts that some of your friends have. So … You have the strength to help them become a better person and they have the strength to “better” you. Having said that, you should both consider highlighting the good things about each other, instead of the bad ones.

I noticed there’s so much good energy around when we’re embracing the good inside each other. There’s so much mutual respect, love and support. It’s just the most beautiful feeling in this world.


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