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Sometimes I feel like cutting off all connections. Other times I feel like I want to make more of them.

I have trouble defining why do my emotions change so quickly at times. Sometimes I feel almost too close to some people. I crave personal space and isolation. At other times … It feels like I am too far away from them. It feels like I am not making the connections that matter. It feels like I should be trying harder.

Sometimes building relationships  can be so exhausting. It can take up all of my energy. I come home and I ask myself: do I need all of this? And everytime I ask myself that, the answer is … Yes. I do. I think that no person was made to be alone. We will always crave love, respect … We cannot live without those features. But I simply cannot decide whether I feel good when I am close to people or not.

I don’t know when was the time that I first started building walls infront of other people, but I simply learned to be a bit more alone. I learned to be quiet when I don’t feel right. I stopped explaining why do I feel a certain way, because it simply started being tiring. I feel good in my skin, most of the time anyway, but I am just a human being. I do have bad days. Hell, my entire life is made of good and bad, just like anybody else’s is. I am grateful for everything, I am happy and content with who I am. Therefore I take time to be alone, too. I take time to feel whatever I feel, the things that I do not know how to explain. Even though I am writing right now, a lot of my emotions still feel messy. I do not know how to explain them.

And that’s why it can be tiring to open yourself up to somebody else. It’s a beautiful moment, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like you will never be more vulnerable than you are in that moment. When you open yourself up … When you let somebody try to understand you and love you …  That is not easy. It takes a lot of time and courage to get there.

It’s also a gamble. If you isolate yourself, you do not gamble with your emotions or your mental state. You have you and you know you cannot get disappointed or hurt. Yet … It’s not enough. You end up missing being close to somebody. You end up missing having someone to talk to when you don’t feel right. Even if you do not know what exactly do you want to say.

I don’t know. I guess I feel lonely at times and other times I do not feel alone enough. I do not know how to make a combination of the two. How do I make real connections with real people who will give me that satisfaction of being loved and respected, while still having peace and quiet?

And how do I stop being afraid of being either too close or too far away from people?

It’s not hard all the times. Sometimes I just do whatever feels right and I do not overthink everything in my life. However … It doesn’t always feel easy and uncomplicated, either. It’s a mix of the two.


6 comments on “Sometimes I feel like cutting off all connections. Other times I feel like I want to make more of them.

  1. glassfingers
    May 23, 2017

    It’s funny. I constantly find myself captivated by just the same thoughts. I’m always holding back, but other days I find myself struggling with the idea of wanting more of what I usually avoide. I guess some days we’re really down and lonely, while other days we are happy and excited with our current life atmosphere.

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    • largesttamara
      May 23, 2017

      I’m always shocked when I hear that some people can feel the same way I do, especially since I don’t talk to my friends about these kind of emotions and I don’t ever know how do they feel. So, thanks for sharing! And I completely agree with you … And I think that in a way, we’re selfish for wanting both.


      • glassfingers
        May 23, 2017

        It’s not selfish. If anything, it’s rather damaging to our sanity and stability. I see it more as a struggle than a luxury. A sin and not a blessing. I’d rather I had one side than another.

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      • largesttamara
        May 23, 2017

        I totally agree with that, you said it so beautiful! I wish I could “pick” just one mindset and stick to it.


  2. limitlessvisionblog
    May 23, 2017

    This is definitely me!

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