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The little things mean the most + How you can express love in many ways.

The number one thing that we often forget is the fact that the little things that we do for our loved ones mean the most. You don’t have to shower people with expensive gifts, you don’t have to hug them constantly and say “I love you” 24/7. You can express that love on many different ways: by genuinely asking them how are they doing, wishing them luck in daily challenges and saying “let me know when you’re home safe”.

It’s hard for me to decide whether I am an affectionate person or not. When I get used to people, I love to hug them. I hug my family members all the time, because we often express our gratitude toward each other that way. However, I can’t say I’m the most love-dovey person ever and I surely don’t say “I love you” a lot of times, because I don’t really feel comfortable doing that. Thankfully, I always make sure that my closest friends know that I care about them. Because no matter how cranky I can get, I KNOW I’m lucky to have the people that I do in my life. I’m incredibly grateful for them. My friends bring the best out of me. They give me positivity and inspiration. I love them with all my heart, truly.

The reason that I have decided to make such a post, is the fact that in the wake of my final exams (when I’m definitelly feeling stressed, worried and sleepy …), my friends have been pushing me ahead by their kind words, their laugh, their wishes. Of course we have to believe in ourselves, but it brings a certain warmth to us when we know that we can count on people to have our back when we struggle.

It means a lot when a friend sends you a message “I hope you do well!”. It means a lot when they’re letting you get angry if you don’t do well. It also means a lot when people truly care about you and whether you do well. Often, we’re going through our life thinking “I have to do better than him/her!” We’re constantly competing … Especially women. Because they’ve taught us to compete with each other – in looks, success and so on. So, it’s not impossible to forget that we can wish other people well without hoping we can do “better” than them. Every person has a strong point, so we cannot succeed in everything. That’s why we should be happy when people we care about do well, even if we don’t.

I also find love and mutual respect in discussions. It’s incredibly important to have people you can vent to, because it feels like we’re letting out a confession, without being judged. Meanwhile we have to remember to offer the same to them, of course. When you truly have people that you can have an opened and honest conversation with, you have won in life, in my opinion. I remember I used to struggle a lot by trusting people, but I’ve learned to surround myself with the ones that matter – the ones that truly listen to my voice and do not make me feel oppresed.

Love comes in the package with respect, hope, positivity … When we truly care about somebody, those are the features that we want to offer them. And they do the same for us. Which is beautiful.


2 comments on “The little things mean the most + How you can express love in many ways.

  1. hislittlebutterflyblog
    June 5, 2017

    This is super relevant. It’s nice to read a blog post and think “Whew, I’m not the only one!” I absolutely LOVE your writing style. I’ll definitely be visiting your blog often!

    Liked by 1 person

    • largesttamara
      June 5, 2017

      Thank you so much! It’s nice for me to know that people can relate to my words 🙂 I will be keeping an eye on you as well!


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