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An honest conversation with my mother + How my parents taught me everything I know.

I’ve mentioned before that we’re moving in October. I am going to college anyway, but my parents bought a house outside of the city that I’ve been living in for 18 years. Which means I get to explore two new cities, but I’ll be gone from my hometown.

The selfish side of me reflected in a post that I, of course, regret the fact that I won’t be living here anymore, but after having a very honest conversation with my mother, I have to say I feel calmer.

I love the fact that my parents have taught me everything I know, one of those things being the fact that I “have” to love and respect the people I am close to. I told my mom that the reason I am afraid of moving is the fact that I will be away from two of my closest friends who have been by my side for quite some time. And they truly make my life so much shinier. She understood my point of view, but she promised to me that she’ll help me stay close to them by visiting this town every once in a while (since I don’t have my driver’s license). Of course that doesn’t mean that we will be travelling back and forth every week, but everything helps, when you’re away from people you love.

I also noticed she felt personally connected to this topic when she told me she lost touch with her best friend when she was young. My mother and father moved from Bosnia to Slovenia (6 hour drive by car). Back then, that was a huge change. Having no phones, no E-mails, no social media … She never heard from her again.

That kind of broke my heart, because I know how much my mom and dad cherish good relationships. They taught me to feel the same way. They both have a big heart, so they’re my inspiration. No matter what I do in life, making them proud while making myself happy, is number one priority.

I’m incredibly grateful for my parents, for everything they do. I’m grateful for the fact that they love me no matter who I am. I am grateful for the fact that they push me forward, but they also let me fail in life, because they know I cannot be perfect. By that, they give me space in understanding and loving myself no matter what.

Because of them, I am able to find true love within myself and within people that I know. And that’s why I’m able to make deep connections – few of them, but the ones that truly matter.

I love having an open conversation with my mom, too, because it gives me a special kind of calm. It’s like having a personal psychologist!


6 comments on “An honest conversation with my mother + How my parents taught me everything I know.

  1. Tony Single
    June 10, 2017

    I’m very close with my mum too. They’re the best! πŸ™‚

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  2. Hussein Allam
    June 10, 2017

    That’s very great to have such a warmth conversation while taking and making other people touch what you talking about. That’s great keep it upπŸ‘

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  3. Hussein Allam
    June 10, 2017

    Keep it up, great piece of writing you have, it is touchable.

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