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A post about me being in awe for the past week.

I don’t normally talk about my life adventures, because even though I share basically every thought with you guys, I’d still like to think that I have an ounce of privacy, LOL.

Either way … I do have the need to share the fact that I’ve been in absolute awe this entire week and all for the sake of music and travelling. I went to a Coldplay concert the previous week (on a Sunday, so an entire week passed by basically and I don’t even know how!) and I also explored the city of Vienna. I love making these two combinations and whenever I go to a concert, me and my company usually decide to take advantage and make the full adventure out of it, which truly makes me happy.

I get so much positive energy out of these kind of opportunities, because I truly do love learning about other cultures, seeing different sights and finally realizing that my favorite band members truly are real people and not just a beautiful fantasy. Music means so much to me. Coldplay means so much to me. The songs they produce, the lyrics they sing … I find inspiration and love within those. I find comfort, peace, beauty. It might sound crazy to somebody who isn’t a music lover, but I don’t want to hold back with any of my emotions. The fact that I was a part of their adventure just for a couple of hours, after they’ve been a part of my own adventure for nearly my entire life … It means so much to me that I can’t even explain. And they gave their all, with each and every moment.

I’m incredibly grateful. My life is so cool and there’s so much left for me to do, so many bands left to see and so many cities left to visit. It makes me feel super happy. And while I’m missing Coldplay and Vienna so, so much … I am in such awe that I actually had an opportunity to experience something so absolutely amazing.

The message of this post? Do what makes you happy! I know concerts aren’t cheap, neither is travelling and it can also be hard to just make a decision to do something, out of the blue, no matter what it is … It’s hard to start writing, even if you want to be a writer. It’s hard to sing, even if you like singing. It can be hard doing things you enjoy because of the fear, the lack of time and so many other factors … But you have to give yourself a rest and do everything that is in your power to enjoy your life. It’s only one. If you don’t take advantage of all the beautiful opportunities that you might experience just because someone or something is “preventing” you … You’ll end up feeling sorry.

Here are a couple of pictures from my journey, too!


“But when I’m cold, cold, there’s a light that you give me when I’m in shadow. There’s a feeling you give me, an everglow.” ❤️

What have you been up to?


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