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I’ve had a good day + My last final exam

You probably remember I was quite worried about my final exams a couple of posts ago. I was really stressed in this time (even though I’ve tried to keep up a positive attitude) and I’ve thought about the future and how important it is for me to do well … Which, for a procrastinated perfectionist, takes a lot of energy. However, this era is done and finished, since I’ve completed my last final exam today and now I feel awesome!

I have to wait for the results for a couple of weeks, which means I’m still not quite “allowed” to breath freely. I hope I don’t have to repeat any of these final exams, because that would really be a step back for me and it wouldn’t affect me positively. But hey! No matter which way these results go, I know I’ve done everything I can to succeed because I’ve truly studied and tried my best. If I fail, I’ll just do it again. It’s pointless for me to be stressed out and worried now. It is what it is. It will be what God gives.

All in all, I’ve had a really good day and I’ve spent a lot of time with my loved ones or with music and a book in my hands. It really couldn’t get any better. And my last final exam was English, which is the best way to finish this exam era, because I want to study the language. This exam was an oral one, so all I had to do was talk with the teacher about the questions and topics that they chose. At the end, one of the teachers asked me what am I going to study next and I told them I’d love to study English … At which the woman smiled at me in an encouraging way, as if she wanted to say: “That makes sense.”

That moment truly made me feel all warm and fuzy inside, because it can be hard to believe in yourself sometimes and be sure that the stars will align in your favour. But when somebody compliments you and lets you know they believe in you, it truly feels great. Especially if that’s a stranger that only now met you and doesn’t even know everything you’re capable of, just a small part.

They all also complimented my way of speaking and my tone of voice, which is just as meaningful to me. I know I am young and I have a TON left to learn, but I truly love this language and I do want to be a teacher one day, so it’s important for me to be good at this and these kind of comments only push me forward.

Now … I’m praying to God that I get accepted to college, because I truly believe my story has just started and I’ve got a ton of things left to do. If it’s not in my favour … I’ll know He has something else planned for me, which will hurt in the beginning, but will make sense in the end.

Either way … I’m good, I’m grateful and I’m ready for the next step!


3 comments on “I’ve had a good day + My last final exam

  1. Hussein Allam
    June 22, 2017

    Keep going ahead , nothing to worry about,. If you study hard for sure you gunna success in your exmas, as believe also that God will not waste our work if we believe in him. Well written Tamara👍


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