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I love being old-fashioned

I think it’s incredibly important to learn to accept and love yourself. It’s a process, but as long as you’re making progress, you’re doing good enough.

My favorite thing about me is the fact that I am quite old-fashioned. It doesn’t come in handy when it comes to romantic relationships, because I simply don’t understand the modern take on love – the obsessive relationships, the lack of trust, the wish to control somebody else … None of those things are in my interest. All I want to do is love sincerely and openly.

Apart from that, I really enjoy visiting museums, galleries … I find certain excitement in learning about the cultures that I don’t understand and reading about the history. I love learning about historical geniuses, the tyrans, the political people … I love finding out which kind of famous people knew each other, which of them lived at the same time or in the same town … I don’t know why, but all of those things are important to me and that’s the reason I was thinking about studying history, but in the end I realized there’s just too much learning in this area and not enough actual practise (during the college, at least), so I’ve decided to turn another way.

No matter what I study, at the end of the day I’ll always have interest in history. I like being open-minded and educated. I think I can make clearer opinions and statements on topics just for that reason.

And there’s SO MUCH left on this world that is worth of being discovered and taught about. If we just compare our world to the world a couple of years ago, we’ll see that so many things changed – either for the better or for the worse. Finding out reasons for such changes is truly so interesting and cool.

In a way, I am kind of a nerd, huh? Ironic 😛


7 comments on “I love being old-fashioned

  1. lexorknightrider
    June 24, 2017

    Good. You are not vapid 😀. So your internal life is very interesting. Your take on Modern love… I chuckled.

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    • largesttamara
      June 24, 2017

      Thank you! And I think I take a 50% of sarcasm on a topic like that, but the other 50% of me (the serious one) might be a bit of a pesimist 😀

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  2. lexorknightrider
    June 24, 2017

    😆 You are okay. Trust me. I love your take on life. I laugh because I was considered old fashioned when i was

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    • largesttamara
      June 24, 2017

      That’s so awesome!! Thank you for letting me know about that, it makes me feel warm 😀

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  3. lexorknightrider
    June 24, 2017

    younger too.

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  4. The Thrifty Campers
    September 10, 2017

    Nothing wrong with being old fashion. I consider to be old fashion myself in many ways. Modern love is not for me, although I’ve taken on some ways naturally.

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    • largesttamara
      September 10, 2017

      Thank you for your comment! I agree with you, we’re who we are, whether it’s considered modern or old fashion. Doesn’t matter! 🙂


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