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After my take on acne, here’s some advice – Part 1

I’ve recently opened up about my skin – I have been struggling with acne for a very long time and I’ve now decided to expand that post and give some … Continue reading

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Let’s talk. How often do you hug your loved ones?

In the wake of my favorite artists passing away and all of the natural and human disasters that have happened in this year and are still happening, I truly take … Continue reading

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How to: build up your confidence and fight against your anxiety.

I’ve stated in the previous post that I would like to dedicate some more time to the problem that many of us deal with, especially when we are young: the … Continue reading

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It is a lot easier to clap for other people than it is to clap for yourself.

I often talk about being confident and I will try to talk about it even more, because I personally think that having confidence is one of the most important things … Continue reading

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“I can no longer take care of you.”

One of the hardest things in friendships is to realize that – once when your relationship is no longer working and you have to quit on one another – you … Continue reading

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A post about my skin.

Given the fact that we all have our insecurities, I felt like I truly needed to share that I do, too. While I have struggled with my body image, my … Continue reading

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Is any person ever worth that second chance?

We form relationships our whole lives. We begin at the beginning and many people do not make it with us to the end. People lose touch, or they change or … Continue reading

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