Largest Temperature

We need to accept differency and love it.

People often fight each other because nobody can truly live up to someone else’s expectations. We are so different from each other. Think about every situation that has happened in your life and has somehow made you into a person you are today. That situation can be a broken heart, your parents getting divorced, a death experience of someone you love, a fight with your friends, I can go on and on. And now listen this: those are all your experiences. And your best friend, your mom, your neighbor … might have never lived through it.

How crazy is that?

We’ve all learned a lot through our mistakes. I used to be incredibly negative and my negativity brought me to a person I am today. Now, I laugh a lot more. I write and talk about my feelings. I don’t close myself up. And I also don’t cry about things I used to cry about. I am not a full grown up just yet, but I am in the making phase.
Everything that has happened to me, the bad or the good, contributed to my growing up.
Everything that has happened to you contributed to your growing up.
And yet … We’ve both been through different things. Something that happened to you didn’t happen to me. It goes the other way as well.

What I am trying to say is that through the situations, through the mistakes and the gifts, we’ve learned how to control ourselves, who to be, how to respond. If somebody else hasn’t been through the same, they might have not collected the same “lesson”.
We can learn the same things on different ways, but sometimes we just don’t learn the same thing. Every person has lessons they need to learn about. Those lessons are created based on who we are and who we are supposed to be one day in the future. So … Everyone get different lessons.

That said, judging people for being different is wrong in general. But if your “religion” doesn’t push you to be a nice person, at least this should. People cannot act like you. They cannot talk like you. They can’t be you.

But this is not a negative thing. It’s a beautiful thing because every individual gets a chance to be an original.

Something is true, though. Sometimes, exactly that originality hurts our feelings. I know myself that I sometimes want my friends to act a certain way. When they don’t, it’s a little confusing to me why didn’t they “live up to my expectations”. At the end of the day, I realize that nobody should have expectations and nobody should try to live up to somebody else’s.

We need to be original and we need to act the way our environment has taught us.

That’s what makes us special and mysterious. If we could always suspect our friends’ behavior based on ours, the friendship wouldn’t be interesting anymore. And this way – with originality –  anything can happen.
And that’s why we need to love people, no matter how different they might be from us.


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